Dragon Legend Skyfall of Coonattack

Breed: Maine Coon 
Color: Black-Silver-Tabby-cl./white
Sex: Male
Born: Februar 02, 2017
Breed by: Klaudia Westermann
Owned by: Heike Kreuzsaler
HCM (per Ultarsound) Test 1. 28.05.2018
HCM DNA MybPC3 A31P (Meurs) N/N Negativ clear by Parents
SMA DNA N/N Negativ  clear by Parents
PKD (per Ultarsound) 28.05.2018 & clear by Parents
Blutgruppe A-Serologisch Gen. N/b
FIP, FIV, FeLv negativ, Negativ
Alle Gentest´s  

CH Wakpalaluta Hasch Isch PP

MCO ds 09
Wakpalaluta Watch my StePP FIFe

MCO ds 09 22
Cosy Corner Tadeus
MCO ns 09 22
Cosy Corner Glenlivet
MCO ds 09 22
Cosy Corner Florence
MCO n 09 22
Bogy Cat's So-PP-hy
MCO fs
Bogy Cat's James PP' Dean
MCO ds 22
Bogy Cat's Nopolyne
Wakpalaluta RaPP Punzel
MCO fs 09
Bogy Cat's Shine A Light PP
MCO ds 23
Bogy Cat's James PP' Dean
MCO ds 22
Bogy Cat's Virgin
MCO es 23
Wakpalaluta Mrs. SiPPi
MCO as 09
Coonattack Cameron Diabolo Diaz

MCO ns
Coongardens It's Me Ira
MCO f 09
La Femme vom Wiener-Häuschen
MCO ns 23
Gustav vom Wiener-Häuschen

MCO as 23
WC Leo v. Rahmer-Wäldchen

MCO as
IC Blue Magic v. Rahmer-Wäldchen
IC Escada vom Blautopaz
MCO fs 09
CH Askaja P of Blue Simaril

MCO ns 23
CH Caillou von Lenferding
MCO ns 09 22
Fairydream's Blue Silmaril
MCO a 09 23
Kiba de Coco of Dragon Legend

MCO ns 09 23
Fabrizio PP vom Wiener-Häuschen

MCO n 09 22
IC Witchbreeds Macchiato

MCO n 09
CH Askaja P of Blue Simaril
MCO ns 23
CH Indira vom Baarbach
MCO fs 09 22
Benito Orsogna
MCO n 09 22
Kelly P of Sahra Namir
MCO gs 09