IT. Vintage Di Betulla Di Freya

Stammbaum / Pedigree / Pawped

Breed: Maine Coon
Color: Black classic Tabby
Sex: Male
Born July 10th, 2013
Breed by: Patrizia Poltronieri
Owned by: Heike & Andreas Kreuzsaler
HCM (per Ultarsound) Test 1. Clear 08.09.2014
HCM DNA MybPC3 A31P (Meurs) N/N Negativ
SMA DNA N/N Negativ  ???
PKD (per Ultarsound) Negativ 08.09.2014
FIP, FIV, FeLv negativ, Negativ 13/11/2013!

Timaracoon Tornado

Summerplace Gillespie

MCO n 22
Hektor of Beyrouth

MCO n 22
IC Beyrouth Cat Cabaret
MCO d 22

Pillowtalk Orchidea
MCO f 22
Summerplace Yastien

MCO as
Q's Blue Bear of Magic Love

MCO as
Nelli Yattu of El Dorado

MCO n 22

Big Giants Pappilon

EC Top Gun of Summerplace

MCO as
CH Witchcats Sergeant Pepper
CH Tailchaser Mrs. Doubtfire

MCO fs
Xena of Gentle Lions

Aloa Tullmoon Crusader

MCO n 22
Mountaineer Pink Lady
MCO e 23
Remember Me Di Betulla Di Freya

MCO f 22
Battle Creek´s U`Cheyenne

MCO d 22
Una of Koi Pond

MCO fs 09 22
Antonio vom Schloss Schwante

MCO ns 09 22
CH Galaxy of Koi Pond
MCO f 21
Battle Creek Re'Miss Maine

Battle Creek E'Red Armed Panther

MCO d 09 22
Battle Creek C'Valerie
MCO n 22
Sophie Aleksandra Winnercat`s

MCO n 09 22
EC Danger of Winnercat

MCO n 09 22
Chopin Del Fiore Selvaggio
MCO n 09 22
Coralcoon Faith
MCO n 22
Winnercat Phebe
MCO n 23
Gabriel van Helsing Winnercat MCO ns 09 22
Mont Saint Michel Havana
MCO n 23