Mountaineer's Kissimee of Coonattack

Stammbaum / Pedigree / PawPed

Breed: Maine Coon 
Color: blue-tortie-smoke
Sex: Female
Born: July 14th, 2003
Breed by: dk Mountaineer's Ingrid Kristensen
Owned by: Heike Kreuzsaler
HCM (per Ultarsound) Scan 4. 16.04.2012
HCM (per Ultarsound) Scan 3. 28.12.2009 
HCM (per Ultarsound) Scan 2. 26.06.2006
HCM (per Ultarsound) Scan 1. 05.01.2005 &  Protonintest
HCM DNA MybPC3 A31P (Meurs) N/N Negativ
PKD (per Ultarsound) Negativ
FIP, FIV, FeLv negativ, Negativ
Belushies Utah

MCO es 22
Kumskaka Many Waters

MCO as 22
Northstar Still Waters of Kumskaka

MCO a 22
CH Dirigo Talisman of Northstar
MCO e 22
Northstar Nova
MCO n 23
CH Kumskaka Scripture Paige

MCO ns 09 22
CH Kumskaka Rush Coonbaugh

MCO n 22
Kumskaka Shenandoah

MCO ns 09 22
CH Willowplace Timbatou of Belushies No since of HCM/HCM getestet!!!No since of HCM/HCM getestet!!!

MCO f 09
SGC Masaitana Haut Brion of Willowplace

MCO n 09 23
Napa Valley Hatari

MCO n 09 23
CH Willowplace Naivasha of MasaÔtana

MCO n 22
Willowplace Showboat

Willowplace Coop Deville

MCO ns 23
DGC Willowplace Clementine

MCO fs 22
GIC Mega Odessa

IC Guldfakse Flash Gordon

MCO ns 23
EC MtKittery Jackman

MCO n 23
SGC GC MtKittery Penobscot

MCO a 22
SGC Kiskata Quoddy of MtKittery

MCO n 23
CH Maineline Cynthia

MCO ns 22
SGC Maineline Dexter
MCO n 22
DGC Maineline Melrose
MCO fs 22
Mega Idaho P

MCO gs 22
MtKittery Socko P

MCO d 23
SGC GC MtKittery Penobscot

MCO a 22
Charlemaine Molly P
MCO f 23
Nous Amis Artemis

MCO as 22
LÝve Hulen Lucky Luke

CH LÝve Hulen Katie

MCO ns 23