Mama Mia Made You Look The Coonattack

Stammbaum / Pedigree / PawPed

Breed: Maine Coon 
Color: Black-Tortie
Sex: Female
Born: März 16, 2014
Breed by: Coonattack
Owned by: Heike Kreuzsaler
HCM (per Ultarsound) Test 1.
                                    Test 2.
HCM DNA MybPC3 A31P (Meurs) N/N Negativ clear by Parents
SMA DNA N/N Negativ  clear by Parents
PKD (per Ultarsound) clear by Parents
Blutgruppe A-Serologisch & Genetisch
FIP, FIV, FeLv negativ, Negativ
Alle Gentest´s  
Coonity Zahir Abasi of Coonattack

MCO ns 09 22
Coonshags Catcher in The Rye
Rye, 3.5 Monate alt
MCO ns 09 22
Coonshags Nanook

MCO n 09 22
Merrymews Big Mack of Coonshags

MCO n 23
IC Angtini Hope

MCO n 09 22
Avistacats Arianna of Coonshags

MCO ns 11
Blazers Falcon
Image of Blazers Falcon

MCO ns 23
Marala Sitara

MCO ns 11
Coonity Artemis
Artemis, 7 months old
MCO f 22
Pampushka Desert Storm of Coonity
Dezi, 10 months old
MCO e 09 23
Pampushka Valentino

MCO ns 22
Pampushka Chantelleiola

MCO g 09 23
Coonity Omana Manju
Omana, 2.5 Jahre alt
MCO fs 22
GC Beau-Maine Liluye
Louie 2.2 Jahre
MCO ds 22
Coonity Inanna Ashera
Asha, 2.5 years old
MCO ns
Charusheelas Electra

MCO fs 22
Charusheelas Clooney

MCO ns 22
Coonattack Citronella Cooler

MCO es
Coonattack Vamp Master Vicious Circle

MCO n 09

Mountaineer Kissimee of Coonattack

MCO gs

Coonattack Funky Honey Bunny

MCO n 22
EUCH Cenaidas Top Gun of Coonattack

MCO n 22

Abba Waterlilly de Brocéliande

MCO ns 23

Coonattack Hey Tortie Tude
CH Tuscaloosa Ivanhoe of Chafervalley

MCO n 09 22
RW-CH Mainesuspect Tizian of Tuscaloosa

MCO d 09 22

RW-CH Tuscaloosa No Angel

MCO n 22

Mountaineer Kissimee of Coonattack

MCO gs
Belushies Utha

MCO es 22

GIC Mega Odessa