Lunaris Remember Me of Coonattack

Stammbaum / Pedigree / PawPed

Breed: Maine Coon 
Color: blue-tortie-smoke/white
Sex: Female
Born: November 04th, 2014
Breed by: Jean & Ron Brown
Owned by: Heike Kreuzsaler
HCM (per Ultarsound) Test 1.     30.08.2016
HCM DNA MybPC3 A31P (Meurs) N/N Negativ
PKD (per Ultarsound) 30.08.2016
FIP, FIV, FeLv  Negativ

Coonattack Eyesbear Artic Stormsong

CO ds 09
IC Coonattack Rude Box

MCO ns 09
Coonattack Spicy Hot One

MCO ds 22
EC Cenaidas Top Gun of Coonattack

MCO n 22
Mountaineer Kissimee of Coonattack

MCO gs
Coonattack Vampi R. Ella Pennywise

MCO ns 09
ICorkyCoon Rimfaxe

MCO n 09
Coonattack Itsy Bitsy

MCO fs 09 22
Mountaineer Kissimee of Coonattack

MCO gs
Belushies Utah

MCO es 22
Kumskaka Many Waters

MCO as 22
CH Willowplace Timbatou of Belushies No since of HCM/HCM getestet!!!No since of HCM/HCM getestet!!!

MCO f 09
GIC Mega Odessa

IC Guldfakse Flash Gordon

MCO ns 23
Mega Idaho P

MCO gs 22
Lunaris Marguerita Time

MCO fs
Sarafina Prince Valiant

MCO n 09 23
GIC Sarafina Haka

Appalacer Bear Tycoon
MCO ns

Sarafina Chickasaw

MCO n 09 23
GIC Thundercats Wildflower

MCO f 09 22
EC Cooncreole Tabasco

MCO d 22
IC Coonyham Tammany
MCO a 09 22
EC Lunaris Peg of My Heart

MCO ds 11
GC Kassaro Taronga

MCO ds 11
IC Willowplace Chowchilla

MCO ds 11
IC Willowplace Carmen Miranda

MCO f 22
IC Kagoza Hey Jude of Lunaris

MCO fs 22
CH Kagoza Sergeant Peppurr

MCO ds 22
CH Kagoza Kat Bablou

MCO a 22